Program Resources

4.17.24 NAWCAD Industry Day
  • Engaging in Warfare Center Experimentation & Demonstration briefing (Ms. Christina Allee)
  • Acquisition Process: From requirement to contract briefing (Mr. Jeff Guarnero)
  • Long Range Acquisition Forecasts (LRAF) briefing (Mr. Al “Bunky” Hensler, Mr. Jack Summers, Mr. Rob Room, Mr. Kwame Marshall & Mr. Curtis Cook)
  • Non-Traditional Acquisition Methodologies / Authorities briefing (Ms. Tracy Medford)
View a copy of the NAWCAD LRAF FY24 QTR2 here
Full link:
Version 2.0 JANUARY 2023
Full link: 


3.27.24 TPP Defense Summit
  • Joint Simulation Environment briefing (Mr. Derek Greer)
  • NSWC IHD Smart Arsenal briefing (Mr. Ashley Johnson)
  • NAVAIR: Transformational Thinking briefing (Mr. Tom Rudowsky)

10.25.2023 NAWCAD Industry Day

  • Acquisition Updates briefing (Jeff Guarnero) 

  • Long-Range Acquisition Forecast (LRAF) briefing (Al “Bunky” Hensler)

  • S&T Kick-off briefing (Dr. Theresa Shafer)

  • NAVAIR North Stars Broad Area Announcement (BAA) Overview briefing (Raymond Cannon)

  • S&T – AI / Machine Learning briefing (George Hwang)

  • S&T – ASW, Optics, Acoustics briefing (Dr. Linda Mullen)

  • S&T – Materials briefing (Craig Matzdorf)

10.4.2023 What is happening at the Aeropark?

Economic Development Projects briefing – Chris Kaselemis:

Roads/Infrastructure Changes – Jim Gotsch:

Aeropark Growth briefing – Ken Reed:

2W6; St. Mary’s County’s Link to International Business briefing – Tom Jarboe:

MEDCO: Work at the Aeropark briefing – Tom Sadowski:

AIRWorks: Moving work outside the gate briefing – Scott Hoffman:

CLASSIFIED Industry Collaborative Exchange (ICE) hosted by NAVAIR and NAWC

The Government is interested in receiving white papers for research and development, which may include but is not limited to, rapid prototyping, demonstration, and experimentation projects that offer potential for advancements and improvements in Integrated Warfighting Capability across the Naval Aviation Mission Areas supporting Naval Operations and as applicable to Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) and subordinate Commands. See the Attached N00019-23-S-0001 Broad Agency Announcement for further details.” You can view the BAA at:

4.18.23 NAWCAD Industry Day
*NAWCAD Business Strategy briefing (Christian Utara)
*NAWCAD Workforce Strategy briefing (Ron Crescini)
*NAWCAD RPED briefing (Tuna Schmidt)
*NAVAIR SBIR/STTR briefing (Kristi DePriest)
*LRAF update briefing (Bunky Hensler)
*Acquisitions Update briefing (Jeff Guarrnero)

3.15.23 TPP/ANA/MCAA Panel – Vertical Lift: The Sky’s the Limit Briefing 

1.31.23 SoMD 2030 Workforce Development Briefing

10.21.2022 Reimagining Naval Power with RADM Lorin Selby, Chief of Naval Research

*Sources Sought Guide Updates (slides)
*Air Systems Group (slides)
*DAITA Group and Mission Systems Group (slides)
*Systems Acquisition Group (slides)
*WOLF One-page overview
*WOLF slides)
*Naval Test Wing Atlantic (slides)

06.30.2022 AeroPark Innovation District Update
*Chris Kaselemis SMC Dept of Econ Dev slides
*Ken Reed AeroPark Development slides
*Matt Scassero USMSM/SMART slides
*Tom Jarboe – AIRtec/A&P slides
*BJ Hall – Youth in Aviation slides

05.24.2022 COMFRC Industry Day
*Questions from breakout rooms
05.09.2022 NAWCAD Industry Day
NAWCAD Air Systems Group (William Reardon)
*Naval Aviation Systems Consortium (NASC) and OTAs (Carol Frisch)
*LRAF (Jeff Guarnero, Bunky Hensler); view post here
*NAVAIR SIBR/STTR (Kristi Wiegman)
*OSBP (Larry Butts)
*AbilityOne (Carla Goulart, Matt Buchanan)

03.22.2022 Women’s History Month program w/ Sue DeGuzman: Leading a Diverse Organization

03.08.22 Dr. Dale Moore- Responding to China’s Existential Threat to Global Order – Sustaining U.S. Leadership via Grand Strategic Thinking

02.24.22 RADM (Ret) Sinclair HarrisLeadership and Mentoring, Toxic Leadership, and DEI

01.27.22 Dr. Ed Foos: Briefing on Research and Development at NSWC Indian Head

01.11.22 Mel Brennan, Executive Director of United Way of Southern MD (video recording of brief)

11.18.21 Southern MD Heritage: Where Time and Tide Meet – Part 3) – with Janice Walthour (NAACP), MIchael Kent (Calvert Co historian, and Gwen Bankins (Sotterley)videoNancy Easterling’s segment on Sotterley

10.28.21 TPP Annual Meeting
*Maryland Technical Internship Program (MTIP) video w/ Annie Weinshenk
*MTIP slides
*MTIP timeline and steps for employers
*Youth Apprenticeships brief w/ Jane SInclair

10.27.21 NAWCAD Industry Day
*DAiTA brief (Amy Markowich & Chris Beard)
*LRAF brief (Jeff Guarnero and Bunky Hensler); Oct 21 LRAF posting on betaSAM
*Technology Update/RPED brief (Christina Allee): RPED video
*AIRWorks  (Christa Rodewald-Franz)
*WebEx chat download/comments and questions
*NAWCAD Org Chart (Nov 2021)
*Oct 2021 Industry Day Virtual Polling Results

10.13.21 Southern MD Heritage: Where Time and Tide Meet – Piscataway Perspective video recording (part 2)

09.30.21 CMMC: Facts, Fiction & What You Need to Know Now brief with Rick Hill and James Norris (View webinar recording here.)

09.14.21 Cyber Threat Briefing with Franco Cappa (CISA/DHS) – CISA presentation and Philip Todd (FBI) – Foreign Threats Brief
  –CISA Cybersecurity:
-CISA Cyber Resource Hub (assessments):
-Cyber Security Evaluation Tool (CSET) + Ransomware Readiness Assessment (RRA):
-CSET YouTube Channel:
-CISA Ransomware Resources:
-CISA Cyber Essentials Toolkit:
-CISA Telework Guidance & Resources:
-CISA Incident Response:
-CISA Critical Infrastructure Exercises:
-Training: and

09.08.21  Southern MD Heritage: Where Time and Tide Meet video recording (part 1) w/ Lucille Walker

08.26.21 China: Existential Threat to Global Order with Dr. Dale Moore

08.11.21 Navy Working Capital Fund with Gene Townsend

07.21.21 NAVAIR Standard Labor Category (SLC) Guide Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Standard Occupational Classifications (SOCs) version 1.3 June 2021 Download here: SLC Guide Ver 1.3 JUNE 2021

07.14.21 AI at War slides and White Paper (Algorithms of Armageddon: What happens when we insert AI into our military weapon systems)

05.13.21 St Mary’s County Health Dept: Employers Fighting COVID for Our Community

04.20.21 NAWCAD Industry Day (virtual) – 
*Executive Leadership slides (Ms. Leslie Taylor, Mr. CJ Utara)
*OSBP slides (Mr. Lawrence Butts)
*LRAF FY 21 QTR2 (Mr. Jeff Guarnero, Mr. Al “Bunky” Hensler)
*link to DoD Trusted Capital Marketplace (Mr. C. Colin Supko)

02.09.21 ATE-21 Call to Industry webinar – with NAWCAD RPED team slide

10.6.2020 – Southern MD Tech Bridge with Director, Rick Tarr

7.14.2020 -ART of Collaboration Webinar 3 – Contributing and Connecting to Community in Crisis: recording

6.14.2020- ART of Collaboration Webinar 2: recording

6.9.2020 – ART of Collaboration Webinar 1 – Innovating in Crisis: recording

5.19.2020 – Leadership: Network-Based View for Competitive Advantage w/ Dale Moore

4.28.2020 –Adaptive Acquisition Framework w/ David Cadman

3.3.2020 – Strategic Brown Bag 2.0 w/ Dr. Dale Moore

1.22.2020 – CMMC Program Overview w/ Katie Arrington

10.22.2019 – NAWCAD Industry Day Briefings

SkillUp® Southern Maryland

Job seekers can explore career pathways, view local job postings, register for free online learning, and receive workforce services. Employers can search for qualified candidates and post jobs. Learn more here.

Project Scope

Security clearances are essential to many jobs in the Fort Meade Region. As a result , the Fort Meade Alliance created Project SCOPE to help students in high school and college, as well as transitioning workers and military veterans to understand, navigate and master the security clearance process.

The focus of Project SCOPE is to educate youth about the issues surrounding security clearances and how to remain eligible for the myriad of jobs in Maryland as a result of the growth in the government and private sector industries. Learn more here: 

National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE)

National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) Zero Trust Cybersecurity: Implementing a Zero Trust Architecture. (NIST) seeks products and technical expertise to support and demonstrate security platforms for the NCCoE Zero Trust Cybersecurity.

For updates on webinars & conference learn more here

The Maryland Defense Cybersecurity Assistance Program (DCAP)

DCAP is a Maryland Department of Commerce initiative, coordinated by MD MEP and funded by the Department of Defense (DoD), to assist Maryland defense contractors with meeting new federal regulations for cybersecurity.

Each session of the Defense Cybersecurity Assistance Program (DCAP) Cyber Series will feature local cybersecurity providers presenting essential information to protect against cyber threats.

DCAP Cyber Series Ongoing – (Virtual) DCAP Cyber Series Sessions :

Naval Aviation Systems Consortium (NASC)

The Naval Aviation Systems Consortium (NASC) has been formed to support the technology needs of the Naval Air Warfare Centers (NAWCs) and the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) through the use of Other Transaction (OT) Authority. NASC is being built as an agile, collaborative and enduring enterprise with world­-class capabilities that will provide the Navy with broad reach, robust competition and a comprehensive range of technology solutions.

Through its unique structure, consortium members will be able to work with the Government to identify opportunities, target their technology offerings, expand into new markets and grow their businesses. Learn More here:

Building Momentum LLC & TechGarden

Building Momentum is a problem solving organization based in Alexandria, Virginia that pushes the boundaries of what people can learn and build.

TPP works with Building Momentum LLC & TechGarden to support NavalX & Tech Bridge on behalf of NAWCAD. Learn more here: 

Tech Bridge at Patuxent River

Southern Maryland Tech Bridge at Patuxent River – Led by NAWCAD, Southern Maryland’s Tech Bridge focuses on unmanned aviation, autonomous systems, modeling and simulation, and live/virtual/constructive environments for training and test. For more information on NavalX and its Tech Bridges. Learn more here: 

IMPAX - Bridging the gap between technology and capability

As a Partnership Intermediary Agreement between the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) and the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), IMPAX has the ability to communicate directly with government agencies, industry, academia, and the public to assist with completing complex technological projects at a faster rate, with higher returns. Learn more here: 

The Maryland Workforce Exchange (MWE)

The Maryland Workforce Exchange (MWE) An internet-based self-service system for employers and job seekers. Tri-County Council Business Engagement Specialists will help you help you register and post your jobs.

Learn more here:

Maryland Innovation Initiative (MII)

Bridging the gap between universities and commercial businesses – A partnership of the State of Maryland and five MD academic research institutions to promote research conducted in the partnership universities.

Learn more here: 

TPP Pathways Scholarship- Deadline May15th

The Patuxent Partnership (TPP) Pathways Scholarship Fund will provide financial assistance to a student(s) majoring in engineering at the College of Southern Maryland, to support STEM workforce development at NAWCAD. Funds can be used to pay for tuition, fees books and other related supplies. 

Students must be a resident of Southern Maryland, be a graduating senior or possess a high school diploma or its equivalent, be enrolled as a full-time student, possess and maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA, with no grade below a B in designated courses (such as Calculus II and Physics) and no grade below a C in other courses. 

In addition, students must agree to apply for admission into the Southern Maryland Pathways Program in Engineering (Majoring in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maryland A. James Clark School of Engineering, taught at the University System of Maryland Southern Maryland campus in California, MD). 

Students will be eligible to receive up to $5,000 per year in scholarship funds for up to two years, providing they continue to meet the eligibility requirements and remain in good standing.

Manufacturing Tools & Insights Unveiled By Maryland Department of Labor Including a New Public Transit Mapping Tool!

RMI | Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland

Last week, members of the Maryland Department of Labor (MD DoL) team unveiled a new tool developed in conjunction with Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland (RMI) and other tools that job seekers and manufacturing industry leaders may find helpful.

As RMI continues to help manufacturers find solutions to their workforce challenges, President Mike Galiazzo approached MD DoL Deputy Assistant Secretary Erin Roth for assistance creating a mapping tool to allow job seekers to identify public transportation routes from their home to Maryland manufacturing companies.

As Adam Greeney, Chief Economist, Office of Workforce Information, MD DoL, notes in this brief, 25-minute video, what was discovered through the development of the Transit Accessibility Map, is that “70% of the manufacturing establishments around the State are within a half mile of public transit.” This tool is one that could be very useful for manufacturers to showcase at a job fair or use as a recruitment tool in communications with potential job seekers. The Transit Accessibility for Manufacturing Map can be found here.

Other tools showcased during last week’s presentation include: