13 AUGUST 2020


While the Navy has been the key economic driver in Southern Maryland for several decades, the technology and business landscapes are evolving with changing defense requirements, priorities and policies. As the course of these generational changes continues, TPP seeks to sustain and expand the technology base of Southern Maryland by promoting regional capabilities, growing intellectual capital and workforce capacity, and fostering effective collaborations across government, industry and academia. TPP endeavors to connect the various constituencies to
facilitate stakeholder success and enable flourishing of the Southern Maryland region.

This strategic plan broadly documents the vision, mission and goals of TPP. It is intended to align with the priorities of the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD), the DoD technology community (Office of Naval Research, Federal Lab Research Consortium and others), the K-12 school systems in Southern Maryland, and local institutions of higher education, including St. Mary’s College of Maryland, the College of Southern Maryland and the University of Maryland. It also is intended to focus TPP’s ability to be a valued resource to the Southern Maryland contractor community, with particular emphasis on small businesses, and to leverage the knowledge network of TPP’s cadre of senior-level subject matter experts to enhance the mission effectiveness of our stakeholder organizations.


TPP is Southern Maryland’s premier organization that focuses on economic vitality and enhanced quality of life, while contributing to the enduring strength of our Nation’s security, via promotion and advancement of government, industry, and academic mutual interests and partnerships.


TPP is a unique member organization that fosters collaboration among government, industry and academia to strengthen the economic base of the region and to build long-term selfsustaining workforce development programs. TPP facilitates connectivity between our partners to advance education, technology, and science and research through the exchange of ideas, information and data.


TPP core value attributes include integrity of character, ethical behavior, respect for others and social responsibility.


The TPP network is made up of over 200 corporate members. TPP membership also includes six academic institutions, 19 government organizations and more than 60 association affiliates. The Partnership brings together the key economic drivers in the Southern Maryland community to collaborate on regional growth and development.


TPP accomplishes its mission in four principal ways:

1-Advancing science and technology by promoting research and development of technologies in and across government, private industry and academia.

2-Advancing DOD warfighting needs and programs by the exchange of ideas, information and data related to technologies, mission capabilities and business policies. This is accomplished by identifying and leveraging opportunities for commercialization and technical transfer in areas of DoD interest, including virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, autonomous systems and robotics. It is also addressed by building sustainable acquisition and economic development ecosystems.

3-Advancing education and the science and technology workforce through community based STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) initiatives, grants, and academic partnerships and initiatives. It is also achieved by promoting networking among academia, industry and government stakeholders, thereby expanding the region’s intellectual capital and increasing workforce capacity.

4-Promoting education and technology advancement through the Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) program, which provides for the temporary assignment of personnel between federal and nonprofit organizations, benefitting sponsoring organizations through collaboration, connections and strong working relationships.



1- Extend and strengthen community outreach and partner relationships to address evolving DoD warfighting requirements and regional economic development needs; deepen collaborative action among member organizations to advance technology, science and research while developing understanding and collective capacity.

2- Promote robustness of the STEM workforce by advancing STEM education and activities for our students; support STEM internship and apprenticeship opportunities; maximize education partnership agreements; identify workforce development opportunities; and facilitate events to address the continually evolving needs to attract and grow the next generation of science and technology workers.

3- Expand our Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) connectivity, increasing the number of IPAs and creating opportunities for IPAs to participate in TPP programs, engage with TPP members and other IPAs, and add value for the sponsoring agencies.

4- Sustain and strengthen TPP financial viability through expanded outreach, membership growth and effective partnerships.