AMP/Tech Jobs Rule

AMP/Tech Jobs Rule is an initiative with the James A. Forrest Technology Center (Forrest Center), The Strategic Education Office of NAWCAD, The Patuxent Partnership, and TPP member companies. The Apprenticeship Maryland Program (AMP) is an official program of the MD Department of Labor – Youth Apprenticeship – MD Apprenticeship and Training Program.

Talented high school students who are interested in skilled work in manufacturing, business operations, and STEM fields have the opportunity to apply for paid apprenticeship opportunities with local industry and the government. 

Local industry and government agencies evaluate their demand signals and determine if they foresee a need for skilled workers in a particular area. If so, they offer paid apprenticeships based on those needs. Companies are approved by MATC as a youth apprenticeship employer.

Students who are entering their final year of high school and have completed at least one to two years at the Forrest Center are eligible to apply for these apprenticeship opportunities. Students participate in an interview process, to include a review of their resumes and academic performance, and then have the potential to be hired.

An individualized work plan is developed by the apprenticeship coordinator, working with the industry or government representative, for each apprentice. Apprentices work a minimum of 450 hours during the academic year (with an option to start early in summer).



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SMCPS Forrest Tech Center Programs

TJR Forrest Center Programs include:
 Automotive Refinishing and Repair; Automotive Technology – CADD 
Carpentry – Diesel Technology – Electrical Wiring – Engineering
Graphic Communications – Hospitality and Tourism –  IT Networking
Manufacturing Engineering Technology – Natural Resources 
Teacher Academy –  TV/Video Production – Welding
Other opportunities under consideration

Check out SMCPS AMP video below for employers:



  • Begin an apprenticeship in a high demand career field while also earning credits toward a high school diploma
  • Learn from mentors who are leaders in the field and their companies
  • Get valuable hands-on industry experience
  • Earn money while learning beneficial field-related skills


  • Student apprentices have basic training and are eager to learn. • Train apprentice in areas in which your company may have a future demand.
  • No retraining. Apprentices are trained in your procedures and policies without having to “unlearn” something learned elsewhere.
  • Apprenticeship Coordinators help you create the Work Plan, monitor student progress, assist company mentors and help instill and reinforce soft skills in apprentices.
  • Short term hires with the option to offer full time employment to apprentices.