TPP IPA Overview

Overview for IPA Sponsors and Employees

The Patuxent Partnership (TPP), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was created in the late 1990s to support NAVAIR’s move to Southern Maryland, and to foster collaboration, technology transfer and development between the Navy and the broader community. 

Since then, TPP has expanded its efforts to work with various DoD and civilian government organizations. With a headquarters staff and subject matter experts on assignment throughout the U.S. and abroad, TPP is an important conduit in the flow of information about science and technology development, contracting, workforce development including STEM (science, technology, engineering and math and science) education and workforce retention.

TPP hosts briefings and conferences about Navy, DoD and federal programs, advanced technology, and other topics of interest to both our members and a diverse audience from government, academia and industry. Information about TPP’s activities may be found on our event page.

TPP participates in the Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) program, which permits the temporary assignment of personnel to and from state and local governments, institutions of higher education and other certified non-profit organizations. The program is used to strengthen federal management capabilities, assist in the transfer and use of new technologies and achieve other specific objectives.

We have long term relationships with many federal departments and agencies, including the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security. Our relationships are strengthened by our status as a certified provider in the IPA program. As a certified provider since 1999, TPP details employees to federal government agencies to serve in senior management and subject matter expert positions, facilitating technology transfer and fostering knowledge sharing across, within and among government agencies, academia and private industry.

The benefits to The Patuxent Partnership include opportunities to disseminate information about a wide array of DoD and government programs and to educate a broad spectrum of people, to develop a greater sphere of expert contacts to share with our audience and to foster regional growth in services and technology.

Employees of The Patuxent Partnership participate in programs which further the TPP mission of support for the Naval Air Command and the Department of Defense in general. Employees detailed as IPA participants are expected to bring information and expertise gained while on detail, and should obtain in advance the agency’s agreement that their participation in a specific program will not adversely impact the accomplishment of their duties.

An IPA assignment is a formalized three-party – federal agency, TPP, and the employee – agreement. It documents the length of the assignment, the duties to be performed, fiscal arrangements and other pertinent details. An Office of Personnel Management (OPM) form, the OF69, is used for the agreement. This is not a contract.
While on assignment, IPA employees are TPP employees but are subject to the same security, conduct, conflict of interest, and EEO regulations as federal employees. They may supervise federal and contractor employees and represent the government in contract awards and management.

To be eligible for an IPA assignment, an individual must be a career employee for at least 90 days with an eligible state or local government, non-profit organization, educational institution, or tribal organization. This requirement may be met while employed in other TPP assignments work or on a contract basis.

The government agency (usually supervisor), HR of government agency (or other administrative POC), potential IPA employee, and TPP HR and Finance Directors. All key players work to establish employment of potential IPA employee for 90-120 days and then obtaining approvals of OF69 for IPA assignment.

TPP employees on IPA details may be assigned to an established, classified position, or may be given a set of ad hoc, unclassified duties relevant to the specific assignment or project. While IPAs may handle a broad range of responsibilities, many IPAs are involved in science and technology programs. TPP IPAs include Science Advisors to major military commands, senior program managers, visiting professors, etc., and do work on a broad array of programs.

TPP employees detailed to the government are recognized experts in their fields, current in the latest technologies, and experienced senior level managers. They are cost-effective, perform duties that contractors cannot (supervise Federal and contractor employees, represent and contract on behalf of the government), and have proven to be instrumental in the accomplishment of agency mission requirements.

Yes, they may work full or part time, depending on personal or agency needs. Their work hours are established as part of the IPA agreement with, and approved by, the agency supervisor and HR Director, who also approves their biweekly timesheets.

Any work performed outside that documented in the OF 69 must conform to the Federal Standards of Conduct and Conflict of Interest restrictions.

Yes, this determination is part of the IPA agreement. Using DTS or GSA travel is cost-effective for the sponsoring organization.

The IPA is an employee of TPP while detailed to the sponsoring federal agency. The sponsoring agency pays all costs of the assignment, as they receive the benefit. The IPA’s salary is paid by TPP.

Yes, they adhere to the federal holiday schedule and follow federal leave administration policy and procedures (specific to their OF69 agreement and duties).

Yes. While IPAs are employees of TPP and detailed to a government organization, that organization may include in the IPA agreement options on planned salary increases, cost-of-living or other recognition. The IPA supervisor, during the course of the agreement, will advise TPP to provide the update. A federal agency may also give an IPA non-monetary awards.

The Patuxent Partnership provides short- and long-term disability and life insurance. Employees may elect to participate in health insurance, vision, dental, and a safe harbor 401k program which includes an employer match. Employees also accrue paid time off dependent upon hours worked.

Initial assignments may be made for up to 2 years. Extensions may be granted for up to 2 additional years. Assignees who have served for 4 continuous years may not be sent on another assignment without at least a 12-month return to duty. Successive assignments without a break of at least 60 calendar days are regarded as continuous. Individual federal agencies may also have applicable regulations and policies.

Yes. TPP has detailed IPA program participants throughout the United States and overseas in both full-time and part-time status.

The IPA program is governed by various laws and regulations. The most significant of these may be found in 5 USC, sections 3371 through 3375; the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), part 5, chapter 334, and the Office of Personnel Management website.

For more information, contact MaryKay Myers, Finance Director, at the Patuxent Partnership: (301) 866-4096 or