Dr. James A. Forrest Career and Technology Center position for Aviation Technology Instructor

POSITION:            Aviation Technology Instructor              

REPORTS TO:         Site Administrator

LOCATION:            Dr. James A. Forrest Career and Technology Center


This is a professional position to meet the instructional goals of the school and school system by delivering instructional programs effectively to ensure student achievement.


  • Direct and evaluate student learning experiences;
  • Provide guidance to students to promote education development and welfare;
  • Provide care and protection of school property;
  • Supervise student activity on school property; and
  • Plan and coordinate the instructional program in accordance with the current curricula.


  • Develop and administer lesson plans;
  • Conduct classroom lectures;
  • Manage the student classroom and shop/laboratory;
  • Advise and discipline students in matters of academic performance, attendance, and conduct;
  • Submit accurate grade and attendance information at established intervals;
  • Take part in professional development activities;
  • Cooperate with students and staff;
  • Maintain open lines of communication with students, staff, parents, and community partners; Maintain and inventory shop tools and maintain shop/lab supplies;
  • Instruct program participates in electrical wiring using approved curriculum in accordance with course competencies and objectives;
  • Develop and utilize a variety of instructional techniques and delivery methods designed to meet individual learning styles;
  • Maintain current lesson plans;
  • Coordinate hands-on training activities including on-site projects;
  • Demonstrate proper tool and equipment use, with an emphasis on safety;
  • Monitor, evaluate, and document students’ progress through observation, tests, and examinations in both theory and practice;
  • Arrange students’ field placement and monitor students’ progress where applicable;
  • Ensure related clinical supplies and equipment are up-to-date;
  • Demonstrate evidence of professional growth and academic currency;
  • Participate in school related activities, committees, professional development activities, and other school related events; and
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Prepare students for FAA unmanned aircraft pilot certifications.   


  • High School Diploma, Associates/Bachelor’s Degree or higher preferred;
  • Three years successful experience in aviation maintenance or unmanned aircraft systems operations;
  • Teaching/Instructor experience preferred;
  • Possess or be willing to pursue professional certification for the appropriate position;
  • Demonstrate the ability to relate well to students, teachers, parents, and community members;
  • Demonstrate exemplary organizational, management, and relevant technology skills;
  • Ability to project a positive image to the public; and
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.


Full-time ten-month position


The salary for this EXEMPT position will be based on EASMC salary schedule (#1) for tenmonth employees.


Contact: Mike Egan |Principal |Dr. James A. Forrest Career and Technology Center | mtegan@smcps.org

Send application to: https://stmarymd.tedk12.com/hire/ViewJob.aspx?JobID=2088