CTSi Expanding in Downtown Lexington Park

Coherent Technical

Coherent Technical Services Inc. (CTSi), a locally owned company offering engineering and technology services, has chosen St. Mary’s Square in Lexington Park, MD, for its expansion into a 40,000-square-foot facility.

CTSi’s Fabrication and Prototyping Facility will be moving into the new site. CTSi now employs 162 people in Fabrication and Prototyping and expects to hire at least 35 more people in the next five years to work at the new site.

Tom Sanders, managing director of CTSi, started working with the St. Mary’s County Department of Economic Development when he determined that the company was quickly outgrowing its current space. “Fantastic county, work environment, workforce, and support from St. Mary County specifically,” said Mr. Sanders. This move will allow the company to grow its manufacturing operations for its Department of Defense, NASA, commercial, and international customers.

“We are pleased to hear of CTSi’s recent decision to move into St. Mary’s Square and invest in the available commercial space previously occupied by the Peebles retail store,” said St. Mary’s County Commissioner Todd Morgan. “This locally owned small business continues to expand and grow, taking on new opportunities and expanding its workforce. The building renovation and investment continues to show that Lexington Park is a tremendous place to live and work. Thanks to Tom Sanders and his entire CTSi team.”

Mr. Sanders worked with Sandy Hunt, senior vice president of Scheer Partners, to find potential sites and coordinate with the center’s owner on the site.

“This is great news for Lexington Park,” said Viki Volk, president of St. Mary’s Community Development Corporation. “Congratulations to Tom Sanders, Scheer Partners, and the county for a great collaboration.”

“This is a big win for St. Mary’s County,” said Chris Kaselemis, director of St. Mary’s County Department of Economic Development. “It is further evidence of our strong economy and the assets that continue to draw companies to our area. CTSi is a top-tier company that looked at several other locations before deciding upon St. Mary’s County.”

The new location will be home to CTSi’s light manufacturing and prototyping activities, as well as its machine and wire shops. Workers will also be conducting testing, research, and development for the company itself plus its DoD and commercial customers. Also, CTSi will equip the space to house vehicles for modification and integration activities and future plans include making the facility fully secure.

“We view this expansion as essential to positioning our company as a viable local business competitor for the upcoming procurement for the NAWC-AD Full Rate Production Multiple Award Contract and the 4.11 Rapid Acquisition Prototyping Integration and Development Multiple Award Contract,” said CTSi Director of Operations Carrie Willmore. “We are working hard to ensure that work resulting from procurements such as these can be executed here locally to grow our community.”

Founded in 2005 in Lexington Park, CTSi has been in a facility on Three Notch Road for eight years. CTSi is one of very few businesses in the region to have earned the AS9100 Certification.

CTSi’s most recent projects and contract awards have included software that measures cybersecurity in complex aircraft systems, an acoustic monitoring system to pinpoint the locations of endangered species, and navigation and communication technology that is able to function in GPS-denied environments. CTSi is the first company to apply and qualify for St. Mary’s County’s New and Expanding Business Tax Credit, which offers a property tax incentive for job creation.

To learn more about Lexington Park, visit the St. Mary’s County Community Development Corporation’s Leader member page.

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