St. Mary’s County Innovation District Master Plan Final Report

Executive Summary:
From a heritage of farmers and watermen, St. Mary’s County has grown into a major high-tech economy, boasting a workforce with the 5th highest concentration of high-tech workers in the US. St. Mary’s County is home to Naval Air Station Patuxent River (PAX), driving most of the economic activity. And still, the old and new continue to coexist. Horse-drawn buggies and autonomous aircraft both find a home in St. Mary’s County. Protecting the rural heritage from sprawling expansion and accommodating this new economy requires forward-thinking planning and development regulations that cluster development in dense, walkable centers connected by transit and trails.
In addition to on-base and defense-related contracts, St. Mary’s County has a growing innovation-focused commercial aviation sector. Clustered around St. Mary’s County Regional Airport, this nascent ecosystem is ready to take flight. The Innovation District Master Plan provides a framework and road map to leverage existing assets to fully realize the potential for innovation, economic development, and increased competitiveness. Read more of the Final Report here: