2020 St. Mary’s County Science Fair Award Winners

We at The Patuxent Partnership would like to extend our congratulations to the winners of the St. Mary’s County Science and Engineering Fair, held on Saturday, January 25, 2020.

The winners in each of the categories were:
Aeronautics / Aerospace:
• Madelyn Chisholm – Dr. James A. Forrest Career and Tech Center
• Joeseph Grossman – Spring Ridge Middle School

Electrical / Electronics:
• Daniel Ulrich – Great Mills High School
• Camile Nelson – Spring Ridge Middle School

Environmental / Biological:
• Michelle Lin – Great Mills High School
• Reed Carey – Spring Ridge Middle School

Unmanned Systems Chief Engineer Award:
• Holland Henderson-Boyer – Great Mills High School
• Kaitlynn Mozzo – Spring Ridge Middle School

Honorable Mentions:
• Austin Ramey – Dr. James A. Forrest Career and Tech Center
• Peter Imhof – Spring Ridge Middle School

A special thanks to all those students who participated, and to the teachers, volunteers, and judges.