02.09.21 ATE-21 Call to Industry webinar – with NAWCAD RPED team slides

10.6.2020 – Southern MD Tech Bridge with Director, Rick Tarr

7.14.2020 -ART of Collaboration Webinar 3 – Contributing and Connecting to Community in Crisis: recording

6.14.2020- ART of Collaboration Webinar 2: recording

6.9.2020 – ART of Collaboration Webinar 1 – Innovating in Crisis: recording

5.19.2020 – Leadership: Network-Based View for Competitive Advantage w/ Dale Moore

4.28.2020 –Adaptive Acquisition Framework w/ David Cadman

3.3.2020 – Strategic Brown Bag 2.0 w/ Dr. Dale Moore

1.22.2020 – CMMC Program Overview w/ Katie Arrington

10.22.2019 – NAWCAD Industry Day Briefings

TechJobs Rule

Tech Jobs Rule is a program designed to help fill the current workforce gap of skilled artisans in the STEM and Manufacturing fields.  It is being piloted for the 2019-2020 and the 2020-2021 school years as a joint effort between the Strategic Education Office of NAWCAD, the Forrest Career and Technology Center and The Patuxent Partnership. Local industry and government agencies check their demand signals and determine if they foresee a need for skilled workers in a particular area.  If so, they offer a paid apprenticeship in that area. Students must be paid at least minimum wage so the monetary cost of the program to the company is in the ballpark of $5500-$6500.  Students must have completed at least one year of a Forrest Center program and in their 11th-grade year with acceptable grades, discipline and attendance to be eligible to apply for these paid apprenticeships.  The companies or government agencies offering the apprenticeships interview the students and make selections based on the students’ resumes and interviews. An individualized work plan for each apprentice is developed by the apprenticeship coordinator and representatives from the business/agency.  Students are assigned a mentor and trainers who will instruct and monitor the students’ progress.

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The ART of Collaboration

A number of initiatives have emerged in Southern MD during the COVID-19 pandemic that demonstrate the rapid response, spirited collaboration, and adaptive thinking that are hallmarks of thriving innovative communities. A working group has come together to highlight this adaptive thinking and innovative responses to community needs throughout southern MD.  

In June and July, a smART Collaboration Working Group hosted a three-part webinar series designed to unleash the talent, expertise and resources of people eager to make a difference in this challenging time. Six smART Teams (break out groups) evolved – collaboration, community outreach, economic recovery, education, innovation and youth & teens.

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Project Scope

Security clearances are essential to many jobs in the Fort Meade Region. As a result , the Fort Meade Alliance created Project SCOPE to help students in high school and college, as well as transitioning workers and military veterans to understand, navigate and master the security clearance process.

Maryland is a hub of intelligence, technology, engineering and bioscience industries for our nation. To stay competitive, the state will need new hires for all the positions being created and those that will be left vacant when other employees retire. Many of these positions will require applicants to obtain a security clearance.

Raising our youth’s awareness about security clearances and what it takes to obtain one is essential to the development of Maryland’s workforce. The focus of Project SCOPE is just that — to educate youth about the issues surrounding security clearances and how to remain eligible for the myriad of jobs in Maryland as a result of the growth in the government and private sector industries.

Learn more: https://www.project-scope.org.