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IMPAX Tech Talk

Join IMPAX for a Tech Talk!

May 9, 5:00 p.m.
Patuxent River Naval Air Museum

Topics include cutting edge research for the warfighter:

  • Autonomous Radar Toolkit & Electromagnetic Information System (ARTEMIS)
  • Liam Renaghan will talk about specially equipped autonomous UAVs operating in conjunction with a portable laser tracker that can augment or replace permanent fixed radar test sites.
  • Point-of-Use Vaccine Production
  • Joel Odom, Ph.D., will discuss point-of use produced vaccines using protein nanostructures and downloadable information to protect warfighters from rapidly evolving pathogens.
  • Reconfigurable Electronic Structures
  • Kenneth W. Allen, Ph.D., will explore the world of reconfigurable technology. The marriage of reconfigurable antenna technology and VO2 switches opens exciting pathways in high frequency applications, including missile seekers.
  • Graphene-Based High Performance Energy Storage Devices
  • Ilan Stern, Ph.D., will discuss next-generation energy storage devices based on graphene cathodes and metal anodes utilizing surface modification of graphene for lithium and/or sodium interactions.
  • Advanced Cognitive Electronic Support (ACES)
  • Samuel Shapero, Ph.D., will talk about the ACES system approach. Learn how emitter data can be encoded in a neural network instead of using an explicit mission data file (MDF) look-up table.

For more information visit impax.tech

Start Date & Time: 09 May 2018 at 17:00

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