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List of Registered Attendees for AIRWorks and MBSE
List of registered Attendees for this program:

AIRWorks and MBSE

Troy Abbott - Booz Allen Hamilton
Robin Adair - PCMG
Dmitri Adler - Data Society
David Ambos - Technical Systems Integration, Inc. (TSI)
Donn Anderson - Parts Life, Inc.
Susan Bamberger - General Dynamics Information Technology
Mark Bamberger - IND
Tracy Barkhimer - Boeing
Mo Baz - DS Govt Solution
Cory Beans - StraCon Services Group, LLC
Ray Bednarcik - PSI Pax, Inc.
Dan Bogan - FLIR Systems, Inc
Donald Bouchard - Ausley Associates
Lee Bradshaw - Technology Security Associates, Inc
Daniel Browne - Georgia Tech Research Institute
Mark Cellarius - R2C Support Services
Raj Chauhan - NAVAIR
Thomas Conrow - NAWCAD
Mark Converse - Cypress International
Roger Cordell - KBRWyle
Marc Cotnoir - PAE
Dan Crain - Northrop Grumman Corp.
Robert Cummings - Engility Corporation
Randy Darnowsky -
Mark Darrah - IND
Thomas Davis - R2C Support Services
Dave Davison - Naval Systems, Inc.
Michael DeManss - DeManss & Associates, LLC
Chris Denny - BAE Systems
Wayne Devereux - KBRWyle
Matthew Divens - HPE
Tom Donahue - Adams Communication & Engineering Technology, Inc. (ACET)
Larry Egbert - DCS Corporation
Cary Ellis - Technical Systems Integration, Inc. (TSI)
Joe Eversole - ATR/NAWCAD
Alan Fink - NAVAIR
Dane Freeman - Georgia Tech Research Institute
Pete Ganzer - Perrygo Consulting Group, LLC
Joseph Gardiner - Air Combat Effectiveness Consulting Group
Karl Geist - ZENETEX/INCOSE SoMD Chapter
Mike Germain - Coherent Technical Services (CTSi)
JB Godwin - IND
Tad Greer - Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
David Hanf - Deloitte Consulting, LLP
RADM Tim Heely, USN (ret) - Vanilla Unmanned
Frank Heinsohn - NAVAIR
Karen Hicks - J.F. Taylor, Inc.
Christina Johannsen - WBB
Mike Johnston - PAE Applied Technology
Emil Kaunitz - Specialty Systems, Inc.
Denise Kellogg - Belcan Government Services
Robert Kempinski - PAE
Amy Kettelle - NAWCAD TTO
Michael Kimes - Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Jamie Krout - Imagine One Technology & Management, Ltd.
Denise Krumenacker - NAWCAD
James Lackey - Quantum Research International
Alland Leandre - Vyalex Management Solutions, Inc.
Jeffrey Lehnertz - KBRWyle
Sandra Llewellyn-Watson - WBB
Harry Lutz - HPE
Thomas Lynch - US Navy - PMA202
Mike Magee - MTech
Randy Mahr - Mahr Citadel Solutions
Michael Mason - Leidos
Scott McLellan - American Systems Corp.
Michelle Miedzinski - NAWCAD TTO
Spence Miller - KIHOMAC, Inc.
Mark Mohn - Peraton
John Murray - NAVAIR OSBP
John Nader - Data Society
Abraham Nehemias - American Systems Corp.
Sandy Neville - Engility Corporation
Bob Novak - BAE Systems
Rich O'Hanlon - Lockheed Martin Corporation
Jeff O'Neil - Resource Management Concepts, Inc. (RMC)
Ron Oblen - Guidehouse
Gregory Olson - KBRWyle
Rick Pacitti - Parts Life, Inc.
Joel Patton - Oxcart Technologies, LLC
Marcy Perrygo - Perrygo Consulting Group, LLC
Chris Perrygo - Perrygo Consulting Group, LLC
James Powers - Lockheed Martin Corporation
Eusebio Quinones - Zenetex, LLC
Joseph Rardin - Rockwell Collins
Timothy Renz - Booz Allen Hamilton
Andrew Ridenour - HTii
David Roan - Zenetex, LLC
Mallory Roche - NAWCAD
Stephen Rorke - VXS-1 / NRL
Bob Rote - Eagle Systems, Inc
Ed Rule - Naval Systems, Inc.
Rigoberto Saez-Ortiz - Sechan Electronics, Inc
Michael Seal - Platform Aerospace
Brad Seanor - American Systems Corp.
Ajay Sehgal - KBRWyle
Fred Severson - Imagine One Technology & Management, Ltd.
Daniel Severson - BAE Systems
Marian Sherman - Eagle Systems, Inc.
John Slaughter - AVIAN, Inc.
Rowland Smith - Independent Consultant
Shannon Smith - CDI Corporation
Katherine Smith - Fairlead Integrated
James Smith - BAE Systems
Steve Stearns - Sierra Nevada Corporation
Scott Stewart - Northrop Grumman Corp.
tom strelich - Northrop Grumman Corp.
Dave Suhosky - Kitty Hawk Technologies
Rick Tarr - NAWCAD Tech Transfer Office
Andrea Templeton - Pyramid Consulting
christopher Tomney - The Patuxent Partnership
Gene Townsend - GT Financial Services, Inc
Travis Van Ort - NAWCAD
Kevin Walsh - DCS Corporation
Ray Wernecke - Booz Allen Hamilton
Scott White - HTii
Robert Wilson - R2C Support Servicees
Amanda Wose - Pacific Aerospace Consulting
Stu Young - Smartronix, Inc.
Nick Zidzik - Peraton
Jim Zidzik - Peraton
The Patuxent Partnership
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