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List of Registered Attendees for TPP 2018 Annual Dinner
List of registered Attendees for this program:

TPP 2018 Annual Dinner

Laurell Aiton - Smartronix, Inc.
Omeed Alaverdi - American Systems Corp.
Sarah Amos - Smartronix, Inc.
Joseph Anderson - St. Mary's River Watershed Association,Inc.
Donn Anderson - Parts Life, Inc.
Amy Ashley - Zenetex, LLC
Tim Baker - Raytheon
Susan Bamberger - General Dynamics Information Technology
Mark Bamberger - NA
Tracy Barkhimer - Boeing
Edward C. Barrett, Ph.D. - IND
Bryan Barthelme - Aviation Systems Engineering Company (ASEC)
Lee Battle - Savvee Consulting, Inc.
Anthony Beamon - American Systems Corp.
Vincent Bellezza - Aviation Systems Engineering Company (ASEC)
David Bennett - Aviation Systems Engineering Company (ASEC)
Dominique Bickham - American Systems Corp.
Steven Bishop - Smartronix, Inc.
Gary Blakely - Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
Michael Blondino - Bell
David Boone - Smartronix, Inc.
Betsy Bossart - Congressman Steny Hoyer
Terry Brenzo - Northrop Grumman Corp.
Ashton Bressler - Resource Management Concepts, Inc. (RMC)
Rebecca Bridgett - St. Mary's County Government
Paul Brooks - General Dynamics Information Technology
Joe Broussard - Resource Management Concepts, Inc. (RMC)
Jennifer Brown - The Patuxent Partnership
Chelsea Brown - College of Southern Maryland
Taneshia Brunson - Aviation Systems Engineering Company, Inc (ASEC)
Roger Budd - Raytheon
Vante Burkes - Zenetex, LLC
Delphine Burkes - US NAVY
Joel Carey - The Patuxent Partnership
Joyce Carey
Daniel Chase - St.Mary's College of Maryland
Thomas Clark - MIL Corporation
Mark Converse - Cypress International
Jim Conway - General Dynamics Information Technology
Kevin Cooley - Resource Management Concepts, Inc. (RMC)
Rusty Cooper - KBRWyle
Roger Cordell - KBRWyle
Martin Courtney - WBB
Brian Crosby - Booz Allen Hamilton
Carolyn Curry - St. Mary's College of Maryland Foundation, Inc.
Steve Daczkowski - Zenetex, LLC
Marisa Daley - MIL Corporation
Taylor Davin - WBB
Dave Davison - Naval Systems, Inc.
Stephen Day - American Systems Corp.
Michael DeManss - DeManss & Associates, LLC
Gina DeMatteo - FGS, LLC
Dennis DePriest - Sabre Systems, Inc.
Dana Dewey - Smartronix, Inc.
Ali Dian - Sierra Nevada Corporation
Bob Dishman - Sierra Nevada Corporation
Dan Dixon - Northrop Grumman Corp.
Jim Donnelly - Raytheon
Renea Doyle - Engility Corporation
David Dunaway - TPP Individual Member
Susan Dyer - IND
VADM Joe Dyer, USN (ret) - TPP Individual Member
Steve Eastburg - Smartronix, Inc.
Nancy Easterling - Historic Sotterley, Inc.
Sarah Ehman - The Patuxent Partnership
Dennis England - Zenetex, LLC
Dennis England - Zenetex, LLC
Mark Ensor - General Dynamics Information Technology
Regina Faden - HSMC
Phil Farrell - Sabre Systems, Inc.
Phil Fickes - Bell Helicopter Textron
Stephanie Fink - Zenetex, LLC
Daniel Forster - Bell
Nathan Foster - St.Mary's College of Maryland
Larisa Funk - Booz Allen Hamilton
Bob Galligani - Engility Corporation
Tom Garrett - NAVAIR
Rich Gast - Resource Management Concepts, Inc. (RMC)
JB Godwin - IND
Michelle Goodwin - College of Southern Maryland
Nancy Graf - General Dynamics Information Technology
Kerrie Grant - KBRWyle
Ryan Gravelle - Resource Management Concepts, Inc. (RMC)
Deanna Gregory - Imagine One Technology & Management, Ltd.
Josh Grossman - St.Mary's College of Maryland
Laura Guy - Resource Management Concepts, Inc. (RMC)
James Guy - St. Mary's County Government
Eric Haas - Aviation Systems Engineering Company (ASEC)
Brandon Hamilton - WBB
CAPT Jason Hammond - US Navy
Brian Harper - Sabre Systems, Inc.
Leandra Harris - Zenetex, LLC
Tracy Harris - College of Southern Maryland
Scott Hasken - Sierra Nevada Corporation
Catherine Heberle - Engility Corporation
Matt Hederstrom - IND
RADM Tim Heely, USN (ret) - Vanilla Unmanned
Zachary Henry - Air Combat Effectiveness Consulting Group, LLC
Ruth Henry - AVIAN, LLC
David Hickman - Resource Management Concepts, Inc. (RMC)
Bruce Hildreth - American Systems Corp.
Noah Hodges - KBRWyle
Larry Hollingsworth - MIL Corporation
Dale Hornberger - FGS, LLC
Bryan Hrabosky - General Dynamics Information Technology
Glen Ives - Sabre Systems, Inc.
Barbara Ives - College of Southern Maryland
Chip Jackson - St. Mary's College of Maryland
Alan Jamieson - St.Mary's College of Maryland
Christopher Jeys - KBRWyle
Christina Johannsen - WBB
Randy Johnson - FGS, LLC
Bill Johnson - Northrop Grumman Corp.
Mike Johnston - PAE Applied Technology
RADM Bert Johnston, USN (ret) - TPP Individual Member
Rachel Jones - Office of U.S Senator Ben Cardin
Tuajuanda Jordan - St. Mary's College of Maryland
Laura Kamosa - Zenetex, LLC
Tami Kerr - FGS, LLC
Gary Kessler - Kessler Integrated Systems Solutions, LLC
Kevin Kilb - AvAir
Chad Kilgore - Booz Allen Hamilton
Tom Knowlton - FGS, LLC
Andrew Koch - Pax River NAS
John Kuchta - Smartronix, Inc.
Bill Lafontaine - Imagine One Technology & Management, Ltd.
Mark Laible - Ausley Associates, Inc.
Anita Laird - Bell
Heather Lancaster - FGS, LLC
Randy Larsen - St.Mary's College of Maryland
Ben Latigo - Southern Maryland Higher Education Center
Alland Leandre - Sabre Systems, Inc.
Terri LeCroix - Engility Corporation
Wendy Lee - Ausley Associates, Inc.
Doug Leepa - Ausley Associates, Inc.
Jeffrey Lehnertz - KBRWyle
Kalmen Leikach - Sabre Systems, Inc.
Justin Leveling - Booz Allen Hamilton
Orrin Lewis - Imagine One Technology & Management, Ltd.
Randy Loyer - Guidehouse
Tom Lydon - Sabre Systems, Inc.
Mike Marrinan - Aviation Systems Engineering Company, Inc (ASEC)
Jacqueline Marsteller - Brillient Corporation
Shane Mattingly
Barry Mawyer - General Dynamics Information Technology
Padraic McDermott - Engility Corporation
Pat McGonigle - General Dynamics Information Technology
Scott McLellan - American Systems Corp.
Richard Miller - MIL Corporation
Michelle Milne - St.Mary's College of Maryland
Dale Moore - NAWCAD
Kristina Moore - Aviation Systems Engineering Company, Inc (ASEC)
Amber Moore - Booz Allen Hamilton
Dwight Morgan - Booz Allen Hamilton
Michelle Morris - Smartronix, Inc.
Dan Mosser - College of Southern Maryland
MaryKay Myers - The Patuxent Partnership
Abraham Nehemias - American Systems Corp.
Jamie Norris - Sabre Systems, Inc.
Rachel Nuhfer - Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc (SPA)
Rich O'Hanlon - Lockheed Martin Corporation
Pat O'Shea - Aviation Systems Engineering Company, Inc (ASEC)
Robert Olsen - WBB
Danny Parker - Travel Leaders
John Parris - Smartronix, Inc.
Chris Peabody - Aviation Systems Engineering Company, Inc (ASEC)
RADM Dean Peters - PEO (A)
Larisa Pfeiffer - College of Southern Maryland
Ralph Pollitt - Sierra Nevada Corporation
Adam Ptack - MIL Corporation
Summer Raley - Zenetex, LLC
Dennis Randall - Engility Corporation
Michelle Reloba - The Patuxent Partnership
Timothy Renz - Booz Allen Hamilton
Deborah Rey - State of Maryland
Craig Rhodes - Imagine One Technology & Management, Ltd.
Kristi Rote - Aviation Systems Engineering Company, Inc (ASEC)
Alan Ruby - Resource Management Concepts, Inc. (RMC)
Ed Rule - Naval Systems, Inc.
Lauren Sampson - St. Mary's College of Maryland
Douglas Sanborn - Booz Allen Hamilton
Matt Scassero - University of Maryland UAS Test Site
Michael Schroeder - NAWCAD
Gerard Schwalbe - American Systems Corp.
Ajay Sehgal - KBRWyle
Mark Sferra - Zenetex, LLC
RADM James Shannon - Guidehouse
Andrew Shaw - Booz Allen Hamilton
Dottie Simeona - Booz Allen Hamilton
Cari Smiley - American Systems Corp.
Susan Smith - TPP Individual Member
Kelly Solibo - American Systems Corp.
Jason Starks - FGS, LLC
Steve Stearns - Sierra Nevada Corporation
John Stevenson - General Dynamics Information Technology
Scott Stewart - Northrop Grumman Corp.
Kevin Switick - AVIAN, LLC
Judy Switick - AVIAN, LLC
Cathy Szmurlo - FGS, LLC
Kelly Taylor - The Patuxent Partnership
David Taylor - Phocus Video Communications
Terri Taylor - Phocus Video Communications
Michelle Taylor - FGS, LLC
Kelly Thomas - FGS, LLC
Scott Travers - Office of U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen
Mike Tribino - Engility Corporation
Matt Vodzak - Resource Management Concepts, Inc. (RMC)
Steve Wall - Maryland Department of Commerce
Greg Wallace - Zenetex, LLC
Kevin Walsh - DCS Corporation
Steve Waugh - Maryland State Senate
Tina Wells - Engility Corporation
Ray Werneck - Booz Allen Hamilton
Tim Werner - Zenetex, LLC
Michael Wick - St. Mary's College of Maryland
Regina Wilson - Sabre Systems, Inc.
VADM Mathias Winter - PEO JSF
Djuna Withers - General Dynamics Information Technology
Lee Woodfin - Sabre Systems, Inc.
steve woods - Sierra Nevada Corporation
The Patuxent Partnership
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