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List of Registered Attendees for Is Autonomy the New Cyber?
List of registered Attendees for this program:

Is Autonomy the New Cyber?

Nickolas Adams - NAVAIR
Jeffrey Bennett - NAVAIR
Lee Bradshaw - Technology Security Associates, Inc
Dan Carrigg - PEO(T)
John "JC" Coffey - Cherokee Nation Technologies
William Crowell - Northrop Grumman Corp.
David Cudd - NAVAIR
Mark Donigan - US Navy
Rory Feely - USMC
Eric Harvey - Atlantic Test Range
Matthew Hayes - Unmanned Propulsion Development
Michael Kepferle - Chesapeake Technology International Corporation
Gary Kessler - Kessler Integrated Systems Solutions, LLC
Ralph Lee - General Dynamics Information Technology
Rachel Nuhfer - Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc (SPA)
Stephen O'Day - NAWCAD
Ron Oblen - PwC Public Sector
Kurt Oxley - Varen Technologies Inc.
Jeffrey Sappington - NAVAIR
Ron Tiberio - Joint Warfare Analysis Center
Gene Townsend - GT Financial Services, Inc
Laura Whitford - Google Cloud Federal DoD
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